Handling Equipment

Our Engineering Team is always open and ready for new challenges!
Kverneland Aqua AS is a supplier of typical ROV Handling Equipment. In our products portfolio you can find complete launch and recovery systems and other equipment such as Sheave Wheels, Guide Arms, etc.
We also supply a variety of Monorails, Trolleys, Jib Cranes, Bridge Cranes, Rail Systems, Skidding Systems and Chain Hoists.
We have also been involved in several developments projects, such as Guide Wire Tensioning System and Sheave Damper. Wer have also developed the Mechanical Solutions and Hydraulic System for the four ROV Hangars. The delivery included all the Hydraulic and Mechanical Equipment, such as the Rack & Pinion Sliding Doors, the ROV Trolley, the ROV Latch and Snubber System, the Flag Sheave Wheel, the ROV Hangar Doors and the Hydraulic Control Stations for all Hydraulic Operations.

Launch and Recovery System


Hangar Wall Crane


Umbilical Sheave with Latch