Kverneland Aquapumps AS

We design, produce and sell Bryne pumps!
From the early mornings, water has been essential for the survival of  mankind, and access to water made a huge impact on decisions regarding settlements. During the years, making water easy to reach, has been solved in various ways. Not too far back in time, collection water with buckets from wells was a daily task.
Common requirements for water supply is, in our opinion, the reliability of the pump. A failure could, in best case, be irritating. In worst case, life threatening. Water is a necessity for all living things.
“Brynepumpen” has been on the marked since 1920 and, with only a few minor adjustments over the years, is still a product that is reliable and durable. History has shown that this pump delivers what it promises. This is a pump with a long life expectancy, with only a minimum of supervision and maintenance.
The pump models we make today, are generally the same as in the early start, with only minor adjustments/improvements. We have never, and will never compromise when it comes to the quality of the “Brynepumpen”. This to insure that when you buy our pump, you get the best.
Kverneland Aquapumps AS took over the production and sales of the “Brynepumpen” from Bryne Mek. Verksted in 2000, and are serving customers from all over the world. Our 3 models we sell today, are BM 1234, BM 1940 & BM 2745. We also have spare parts and repair kits for these models, and for most earlier models.
We supply pressure vessels to go with our pumps, and also for other uses. Most common sizes are 150 liters and 300 liters, but we can deliver larger vessels if needed. We have pressure vessels in both stainless steel and hot dip galvanized. Normal working pressure is 6 Bar, and can be delivered in both horizontal and vertical versions.





Tank/ pressure vessel


water pump with pressure vessel


Tank/ pressure vessel


water pump with pressure vessel