Winches/ Reels

We have 25 years of experience in delivering of hydraulic, electric and pneumatic winches/ reels.
All our winches are designed by our Engineering Team, with close cooperation with Client to adopt all their needs.
Our wide range of winches/ reels is designed, built and tested according to most Class of Societies (including ATEX).
The typical range for pull force is 0.15-50 tonnes. Drum capacity varies between 25m to 3000m.
Our offer includes:
  • Hoisting winches
  • Mooring winches
  • Umbilical winches
  • Davit winches
  • Man Rider winches

Pnaumatic Umbilical Reel

img 4098

Hydraulic Umbilical Winch

dsc 3009

Umbilical Winch ATEX Zone 2

img 2565

ManRider & Utility Winch Atex Zone2

dsc 2651

Hoisting Winch Atex Zone 2

img 5244

Hoisting Winches Atex zone 1

dsc 2837

Hoisting Winch Atex zone 1

50 t vinsj 1

Hoisting Winch Atex zone 1

dsc 2781

Electric Hoisting Winch ATEX Zone 1

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